Role of Research

Breeding new seeds is more than just hardwork. It takes dedication, passion and wisdom. Understanding the role of R & D is the evolution of market preferred hybrids and other agribusiness products. The company incorporated with research as its main motto. Since inception it has started investing in R & D to augment research facilities, farm infrastructure development and lab facilities. The company has futher expanded its area for R & D and diversified crops by adding new crops like Wheat, Bajra, Jowar, Mustard, SSG and Hybrid Rice. Further, a wide range of vegetable crops both hybrids and OP varieties have been added to the list. The R & D is headed by highly experienced breeder having more than 40 years of experience in various crops and supported by qualified and experienced people.
Radiation breeding has been initiated on OP varieties of rice with an objective of reducing duration of a most popular late variety, resulted in identifying short duration, high tillering and with reduced height responding to high doses of fertilizers (Lodging problem can be avoided) without changing the quality of grains.

"The company's R & D has been recognized by DSIR during June 2016."

"The R & D's contribution was resulted in getting notification of a short duration Maize hybrid (Sun Vaaman) by the Govt of India."

"The company is proud to initiate independent research work on developing a new CMS line in Red gram and developing a number of restorer lines with restoration more than 95%. Hopefully, a couple of CMS based Red gram hybrids are expected in a short period."